Teacher Student Union of Finland - SOOL

Teacher Student Union of Finland, SOOL, is a national umbrella organization of all teacher students in Finland. SOOL aims to promote the co-operation of future professionals of education in order to improve teacher training. SOOL also looks after the juridical and educational interests of its members and works to improve their studying conditions and social status.

Special-interest organization of all teacher students in Finland

SOOL has ca. 7,000 members, who represent all the different student groups within the field of education. Largest groups are those studying to become pre-school teachers, classroom teachers, subject teachers, special education teachers, and counselors. SOOL membership is open to all students in the field of education, who are members of one of our 48 member associations.

In practice, SOOL gathers together students of different groups to consider the present and the future of teacher training. We guide and counsel member associations and organize training and seminars. In addition, we keep our members informed about current topics concerning teacher training, and work for the future of education in wide co-operation with different authorities.

SOOL also offers valuable members' benefits to every member.

Members' benefits

SOOL membership fee for the academic year 2023–2024 is 24 EUR, which entitles to following benefits:

  • Member services, legal guidance, free seminars
  • Opettaja and Opeopiskelija magazines
  • Insurance benefits and discounts
  • Possibility to join The Unemployment Fund for Education and Science while studying
  • Pocket calender, travel and hotel discounts etc. etc.

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